Magic. Action. Adventure. Inside Book Three. The Magic Chest: Halloween Hideout

On a cold evening at home, Jessie and Ethan decide to go back to the attic to play. When the lights go out in the house, the attic becomes pitch black. Then Jessie remembers there was an old flashlight inside the magic chest.

When Jessie turns on the flashlight, she and Ethan are surprised that it still works, but soon strange stars and an odd beaming bright light began to shine out of the flashlight. Once again, the children are encircled and taken away by the sands of time. In an instant they disappear from the attic. Will Jessie and Ethan ever make it back home to John's Island?

Travel through time in this beautifully illustrated chapter book for young readers on an adventure with Jessie and Ethan to an unforgettable cold Halloween night in the 1950's as they learn the mystery behind the flashlight in book three, The Magic Chest: Halloween Hideout, is now available at Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and on Kindle.

Suggested ages 6-10