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Magic. Action. Adventure. Inside Book Four. The Magic Chest: Seaside Treasure

Step into a world of excitement with “The Magic Chest: Seaside Treasure.” Join siblings, Jessie and Ethan, as they go back to the attic again and open the magic chest to reveal the last item in the chest...an old compass. It isn't long before the sands of time return, encircling the children, and transporting them back to the 1950's, this time to a fast-paced adventure on a beach where they run into some old friends…. and some old enemies!

This wonderful journey back in time answers many questions about the magic chest. When Ethan finds a treasure map, the adventure takes an unexpected turn and leads the children on an exciting expedition to find treasure at the beach! Unfortunately, they also run into trouble with three bad guys who are also hunting the treasure!

Will Jessie and Ethan ever find the treasure or the secret behind the old compass to get back to John's Island?

This beautifully illustrated chapter book is a captivating story filled with magic, action, and adventure, a must-read for young readers aged 6 to 10.  

Suggested ages 6-10

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