Magic. Action. Adventure. Inside Book One. The Magic Chest: Sands of Time

Step into a world of enchantment with “The Magic Chest: Sands of Time.” Join nine-year-old Jessie and her adventurous seven-year-old brother, Ethan, as they unlock the secret of a 100-year-old farmhouse's attic, a magical wooden chest!

When Jessie and Ethan open the old wooden chest they see four items inside. After Jessie touches an old gold pocket watch inside the chest an enchanted note written on old parchment paper suddenly appears before their eyes floating inside the chest. Jessie and Ethan read the magical words on the note and in an instant, the children disappear from the attic transported across time and space to the 1950s! You'll be captivated by their journey, where they forge a new and daring friendship, and uncover the mystery of the gold pocket watch.

Will Jessie and Ethan ever find their way back home to John's Island?

This beautifully illustrated chapter book is a must-read for young explorers aged 6 to 10 and a captivating story of magic, action, and adventure you won't be able to put down!

 The Magic Chest: Sands of Time, now available at Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and on Kindle.

Suggested ages 6-10