Norris & Twig

Help kids ages 3-7 learn to identify and understand the concept of bullying, friendship, and self-confidence with this age appropriate story!

Bullying is a problem for people of all ages, but young children are vulnerable because they may not know what bullying looks or feels like or what to do if it happens to them.  Norris and Twig is an endearing story that explores the concept of bullying in an age appropriate way that is easy for young children to understand. It is about a kind-hearted firefly named Norris and a mean-spirited dragonfly named Twig who both learn a valuable lesson about about bullying and friendship in this tale that brings the two little bugs together to ultimately form an unlikely friendship.

In this book your child will learn to identify the concept of:

​​​​​"All of a sudden Norris’ little light began to brightly shine throughout the forest and he no longer felt afraid or small..” 

Don’t be afraid to let your light shine! Start teaching your young child about bullying now…Get your copy today!

Your copy of "NORRIS “AND TWIG” also includes a FREE audiobook edition: look inside for more information.

Available at in paperback.

Suggested ages 3-7